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Since New Year’s Day, I have received many requests for ‘relationship counseling’ – specifically, communication education.  And those requests have all come from men.


Phentermine Free Shipping As I listened to the reasons these men came to me, I couldn’t help but notice a pattern.  And their ‘stories’ all went something like this: “I do everything I can to get along with her but it seems like everything I say is wrong!”

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Buy Phentermine Yellow Capsules Yes, of course, these guys are self-serving and present themselves in a positive light, but there is a core of truth in what they all said – a core that they didn’t even recognize.

Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Buy Online And that is: “It takes two to communicate.”

If a guy goes to counseling to improve his communication skills and his efforts to communicate more successfully with his significant other are turned away, no amount of ‘education’ is going to work.  He has wasted his time, his money and that ‘relationship’ is headed for a breakup.

Pretty much guaranteed.


So here is my New Year’s Suggestion to all ladies: If your guy is trying to improve your relationship, meet him halfway.  He is going to make mistakes; he is going to fall back into old patterns; he is going to ‘flub it’ and offend you.  But if he is sincerely trying and you are working with him, he will ultimately figure it out and you will have a better relationship.

This culture is good at tearing couples – and families – apart.  If you want your relationship to be great, you will have to work on it.        Both of you.

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http://economicthought.net/wp/v2/taxonomies Together.

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Buy Phentermine Next Day Delivery Neither one of you can do it alone.

Buy Qualitest Phentermine So, be open to his efforts and – if you aren’t already doing it – learn to listen.  Because not everything he says is ‘wrong’.

Underneath any words he uses, he is telling you he loves you.

Isn’t that worth hearing?

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